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About Ophir

3834 Ophir Street

A vision for 3834 Ophir sees the addition of 14 new family-oriented homes in the Mount Tolmie neighbourhood. Comprised of four 4-bedroom units and 10 3-bedroom units, 3834 Ophir has been designed in response to the District of Saanich Official Community Plan (OCP) and the Shelbourne Valley Action Plan (SVAP), providing diverse housing forms to suit a range of needs, improving pedestrian and cycling mobility, and contributing to the vibrancy of the Shelbourne Valley.

Shelbourne Valley
Village Centre
Mount Tolmie Neighbourhood


Located one block from Shelbourne Street in the Mount Tolmie Neighbourhood, the proposal for 3834 Ophir supports the vision set out by the District of Saanich in the Shelbourne Valley Action Plan (SVAP), providing essential new housing along the newly envisioned corridor.

The proposal for 3834 Ophir will create new homes that are located within a close walk to services and amenities, parks and schools, major transit routes and a future cycling route – providing close access to everyday essentials for families, and encouraging active forms of transportation.


Saanich Official Community Plan

The 3834 Ophir site is located within the Cedar Hill “Neighbourhood Centre” of the Saanich Official Community Plan (OCP), providing support for a variety of building types and land uses ranging from low rise residential forms, including townhouses and duplexes up to three storeys, to commercial and mixed-use buildings generally up to eight stories.

Shelbourne Valley Action Plan

The Shelbourne Valley Action Plan encourages new opportunities for family housing near the Village Center while creating a transition of massing form between the multi-unit high density housing and single-family homes.

Ideally located close to the Village, the 3834 Ophir site has a mix of neighbouring housing types, from single-family homes, to nearby 3-4 storey apartments and townhouses. This housing proposal is envisioned to complement the housing diversity of the surrounding neighbourhood context.

Ophir Site


The proposal for 3834 Ophir supports the mobility goals outlined in the Shelbourne Valley Action Plan. An attractive streetscape with new trees and landscaping, along with the establishment of new sidewalk will contribute to a more pedestrian-friendly and connected community, also aligning with Saanich’s commitment to Vision Zero by providing safe transportation options for all users.

Through the redevelopment of 3834 Ophir, and in conjunction with a separate development application for 1544 Christmas Avenue, we are proposing the establishment of a new, formalized sidewalk and boulevard that would extend from the top of Louise Place down to Shelbourne Street, ensuring pedestrians no longer have to share the road with motor vehicles.

This will deliver a much-needed and attractive pedestrian route for the neighbourhood to access a main public transit thoroughfare along Shelbourne Street. This investment will also help connect the neighbourhood to the proposed greenway along Ophir Street which will eventually connect through to Earlston Avenue and Mortimer Street.

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